Akregator - bring back unread item count

As is the norm in KDE, a feature has been removed by the developer.

The reasoning behind it is, that numbers bigger than 100 are not readable.

Instead of making them readable he simply removed the feature altogether (see Bugreport).

No comment.

For version 21 use this patch to revert the change. (I did not bother with a config option for it though).

For QT 5.15+ use this patch.

For older use this patch

KCalc - enable all-purpose mode

I don't get it. KDE removes features in every new version. KCalc now cannot show all buttons at once! This patch enables it again.

See bug #248264 for details.

Thanks Sergey for the original patch used to make this one.

Just use this patch to patch KCalc and enjoy. (Gentoo portage patches compatible)

For KDE4 kcalc try this one instead.

Plasma - task panel white shadow

Plasma automatically adds a white shadow around fonts for darker colors. It tries to make it more readable but fails miserably on darker themes.

edit plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/abstracttaskitem.cpp, look for if (qGray(textColor().rgb()) > 192) and edit the value to your needs.

use plasma/desktop/applets/tasks/support/textlabel.cpp for newer versions of plasma4

Chromium - doubleclick in address-bar to select whole URL

I am not gonna rant about the decision made by the devs, but triple-click to select the whole URL does not suit me, so I changed it to a double-click (like Konqueror).

Just apply chromium_2click.patch. For Chromium 15 use chromium_2click_15.patch.
If you would like to select all after only one click, change GDK_2BUTTON_PRESS in the patch to GDK_BUTTON_PRESS (not tested, but should work, just have a little faith).

KDE - Remove white (Vista-ish) icons from systray

If like me you hate those Vista-ish white icons for some apps in systray, just delete /usr/share/apps/desktoptheme/default/icons/*.svgz

Konversation - icon notifications

Konversation has a "nice" feature of moving the active notification tray icon into a separate space. That's awful and impractical.

Fortunately the source code can do without it (and I think it will in the future too since not everyone uses kwin with konversation).

  1. edit CmakeLists.txt
  2. remove
    #define the value for HAVE_KSTATUSNOTIFIERITEM
  3. edit config-konversation.h.cmake
  4. remove

Plasma - re-enable main panel icon resizing

This is not needed for KDE >=4.6

In newer versions of plasma, the main panel icons cannot be bigger than 32x32, which is pretty small.

I noticed SystemSettings has an option for this but it is disabled, let's enable it again!

  1. Apply kcontrol_icons.patch to kcontrol package.
  2. Now set the appropriate maximum size for your panel icons (System Settings->Look & Feel->Appearance->Icons->Advanced tab->Panel.

Plasma does not even respect this setting, so another change is needed:

  1. Apply plasma_workspace.patch to plasma-workspace package.
  2. Restart plasma: killall plasma-desktop && plasma-desktop &>/dev/null &

KTorrent - set ratio color threshold to 1.0

This is not needed for KDE >=4.6

KTorrent shows your torrent ratio in red when lower than 0.8 and green when higher. This is somewhat strange number for me. And since it does not give an option for setting the treshold I change it during compile-time.

  1. Edit ktorrent/viewmodel.cpp
  2. Find the line return share_ratio > 0.8 ? green : Qt::red; (should be line 288).
  3. Change the number to whatever you wish.

NOTE: After filing a bugreport, new versions should incorporate an option for the threshold.

Konsole - disable bold fonts

This is not needed for KDE >=4.6

KDE4 Konsole does not support selecting the boldness of your font. Let's fix that!

  1. apply this patch: konsole_bold.patch
  2. edit your colorcheme ~/.kde4/share/apps/konsole/XXX.colorscheme:
    You get the idea...

Chromium - KDE open/save dialogs

This is not needed for Chromium >= 16

This is just a quick hack not a proper job, but this is the quickest way for me to have acceptable dialogs in Chromium.

This patch changes file open and file save dialogs, it does not change multiple file open (could not find a use-case) or folder select dialog (not worth the effort).
Be warned that those dialogs are modal (as opposed to the original ones)!

Chromium 6,7 (maybe also 8)

Chromium 9

Chromium 10,11

Chromium 12,15 (maybe also 13,14)

Ff you want a proper patch, please post here.